Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Parenting

Parenting is probably the most rewarding career one would ever have. To see your kids grow in love and in harmony with the plans that you've made even when they were young makes one really proud of his or her children. Every parent's pride is when their kids grow up practicing the principles taught during their youth. The efforts required cannot be compared to the blessings one sees every time a child grows following the counsel of his parents.

Whether it's your first time parenting or for several kids already, always keep in mind that the best way in raising your children is raising them up in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were entrusted by God to you to nurture them, support them, lead and love them. Being parents to God's children is a sacred duty.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rent-a-Site Model Training Now Available

In the arena of offline consultation, there are many services that an offline consultant can provide to local small business owners, such as:
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  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services
  • Video for Web Commercials
  • Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0
Jamie Garside has created a product that teaches internet marketing consultants how to research niches and create websites that can be rented out to the business owners.

Terrie Soberg has developed a Rent-a-Site Model website to be used alongside his book with tips and hints that will help an offline consultant be even more profitable.

Visit her site at: Rent-a-Site Model Consultants for more information.

Legacy Through Family History

Have you ever thought what would be the best gift you could ever give to your posterity? I've always wondered if I've done enough or if my posterity will ever remember me, or if will they ever thank me for all the things I'm doing now. George Bernard Shaw best described what we can do so that our future generations will remember and thank us for all the things we've done.

"Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."

You might ask: "How?"

1. Lessons

Keeping a record of your daily blessings will prove to be helpful to your posterity as they will learn from your past principles that are applicable to their present, or your future. There's nothing more precious than a compilation of great testimonies of God's dealings with His people and how you became a living proof of His divine love and mercy to all his children. Keep a journal and record the most important events in your life like your baptism, priesthood ordination, marriage, temple sealing and many other important events.

2. Pictures

Most history we're studying right now and the proof of their existence is made strong by the photographs of people involved, places where it transpired and details entailed in the records of the people who cared to record their history. Take pictures and keep them in a safe place wherein no floods will wash it away.

Keeping your family history or genealogy will not only bless you at present as well as the future generations. So keep a journal and save your history.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Legacy Through Line of Authority

My friend's son was called to serve a mission in Brazil. Both their son and his parents were so ecstatic about where he'd be assigned. Every week he'd write them letters and tell them how great his first area was, then his second area and how wonderful his companion, then this next companion, and how the testimonies of the local leaders, members and converts are helping him strengthen his own. He also mentioned as to how amazing he's learning the new language way fast that most of his colleagues.

Then the next week came his letter asking them his Line of Authority card and important it was for him for their next discussion with an investigator who wants to know how he got his authority to teach them the restored gospel. His parents, not exactly knowing what a Line of Authority is, referred the matter to me and wonder if my kids have one. Well, I told them my little boys have theirs since my boys are the only ones with priesthood authorities. It's their special link back to the Savior Jesus Christ. Now you might be wondering how could you obtain your priesthood line of authority card? Others are also worried that they might not be able to find their records in the archive. The Lord promised in the holy writ that those who seek shall find while those who knock will be opened doors. Resolve within yourself to find such a vital information and the Holy Ghost shall be your guide in the whole process.