Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Five Things I Learned for The Year 2009

1. People are People
No matter how much you love them and they love you, sometimes they could hurt you. Learn how to understand and forgive them. That should help you strengthen your relationship with them. Try to tolerate some of their attitudes if it's not necessary to change it.

2. If You Can't Find It, Create It
How often do you get frustrated about not finding the best utensils, the best books, the best food, the best friend? (lol, I'm kidding about the last one), then create it! Perhaps it's a sign to start a business with the need to create something that people need but simply couldn't find. Most commercial products nowadays are simply too commercialized that value is often compromised. Start working on a project or a business that will change and even set as a standard for all others that currently exist.

3. Everyday is a Wonderful Day
Always tell that to yourself in front of a mirror first thing in the morning and you will really have a wonderful day. Sometimes there may be unexpected circumstances that you can't manage but as you stay true to your positive outlook, everything will be alright and you'd be surprised at how fast you've settled things.

4. Love and Be Loved Back
Do I need to say more? I've learned that in order for you to gain someone's love, you gotta love them first. This is not usually the case though. Sometimes the one you love simply can't or won't love you back. Whatever the case is, be sure to give love, and someone else, you may never know, at the right time will love you back.

5. Family
Our family will always be there for us no matter what. Love your family as much as you love your friends and treat your friends like your family.

Those are just five things I've learned for the whole 2009. Of course there are still some more but let me save them for 2010, haha.

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