Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Panic Anxiety Attack - Critical Steps to Take in Order to Effectively Cure Your Anxiety Panic Attack

Panic anxiety attack currently affects about 40 million Americans, with many of them not really knowing what is wrong with them. Anxiety panic attack is that very sudden, discrete period of intense anxiety which often mounts physiological arousal of fear, stomach problem and unnecessary discomfort. Some its symptoms includes but are not limited to trembling, light-headedness, tingling sensation, shortness of breath, chest pain or chest tightness, hot flashes, cold flashes, feeling of burning sensation especially on the face and neck area, nausea, dizziness, sweating and so on.

Step 1

The first step to take towards the effective cure of your anxiety panic attack is to actually find out if what you are experiencing is panic anxiety attack. The reason is that some of its symptoms are common to symptoms experienced by someone who is suffering from mental disorder and heart attack. Ascertaining that someone is suffering from panic attack would go a long way in helping the victim to actual seek effective ways to address it.

Step 2

The second line of action which is about the most effective step that someone can actually take in a bid to effectively cure his anxiety panic attack and to forever stop it from coming back is to seek cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is structured in such a way that its first part is largely informational; a very great number of people have been helped to cure and prevent panic anxiety attack from ever re-occurring in their lives by simply making them to understand what panic attack truly is and how many other people are suffering from it.

The mere fact that a sufferer has been told he is not suffering from a mental disorder or heart attack is enough to shoot up his morale and position his mindset in such a way that he will positively respond to the next phase of the therapy. Cognitive restructuring i.e. changing one's way of thinking helps people replace those thoughts with more realistic, positive ways of viewing the attacks. After which you will be shown effective ways of actually stopping and preventing these ugly and embarrassing episodes from ever showing up in your life again.

Step 3

The last step would obviously be taking action, your bouts of anxiety and panic attacks can never be stopped and or prevented if you do not work towards that direction. There are many effective cognitive therapy resources online and with just a token you can acquire any them and rid yourself of such embarrassing situations.

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